setting mics to mute on outro?

I’ve tried a few times without success to mute my audio sources when I click the stop button. I have the (discontinued but still updated :-)) Sponsored edition that has the “made with BoinxTV” tag at the end. is there any way I can set this up when the sop button is clicked or that clip runs it mutes the mics automatically?

I’ve tried setting the outro shortcut key for the audio mic layer but doesn’t seem to work :-/


Simply select the “Off on end trigger” for the microphone or a microphone setting. You probably already have the 5 second postroll enabled so that should work out of the box.

there are 2 columns with this setting & seems I had the wrong dropdown set! It’s setup now so all my audio sources are live on start & off on the end trigger. thanks!

Good to know. Have fun!