Setting Document Framerate

Hi, I’m new to MimoLive, I’m evaluating the software to use for my work. I am a bit confused with how the software handles various frame rates? When I set up a new project, it lets me select 1080p FullHD (1920x1080) as a resolution and 29.97 as a frame rate. Can the software only handle progressive framerates and not an interlaced one such as 1080i? I’ve also read some past forums about the ProRes files recording in a variable framerate versus a fixed constant one. With variable, the file would create issues in editing software (e.g. Premiere Pro). I see that a previous update theoretically fixed this problem but the test file I did still came out as variable. Is there another setting I should be aware of or is this still the case? Really excited about the potential of this program especially with its integration with Blackmagic which we already are using. Thanks for the help!

Thanks for considering mimoLive!

Progressive vs Interlaced: mimoLive only runs in progressive mode. This means that all inputs are converted to progressive first, then run through the rendering engine in progressive and finally outputted as such. However you can setup the Blackmagic Design hardware to output interlaced frames but this involves some magic on Blackmagic side to convert our progressive frame into two interlaced frames on their end.

Variable frame rate in file recording: Yes, we think this should be fixed and we didn’t get a complain about this issue for a long time. How did you test this? Hopefully we can reproduce this on our end and see if we can fix it. Thanks for your feedback!