Set Audio Markers First

I would like to set audio markers first and then import the correct amount of images to match my audio markers. Does anyone know if there is an easy way of doing this? When ever I import a song it automatically puts chapters in the timeline and when I add audio markers as it plays, it shortens the music to correspond to the chapters.

Here is how its works for me:

  • create an empty FotoMagico document
  • add a music file to the timeline
  • switch to “Timeline” mode
  • put the time scale slider all the way to the right. This zooms into the time line and give high precession for the next steps
  • scroll to a point in the audio where you want to have an audio marker
  • right click on that spot to get a context menu
  • select “Audiomarker > Add”. You will get a red line in the audio track
  • add multiple audio markers to the audio track where ever you want to have a transition
  • pull in an image to the beginning of the show
  • select it and open the “Slide” section of the “Options” panel
  • set the “Continue” option to “At Audio Marker”, This should trim the duration of that image to first Audio marker you set
  • add more images with this option

I have a similar scenario - want to be able to use audio markers for Fotomagico 4 in such a way that each audio marker will cover a series of slides, not just one. In other words, I’m doing long interviews (e.g. 1 hour each) and would like to know if there any way that I could, while watching the slides roll by along with the sound, set one word as an audio marker for a group of slides instead of just one slide, and then e.g. set another audio marker (another word) to work before another few slides instead of just one again? Can you tell me an easy way to do this with the latest version of Fotomagico?

@shelandria: I would recommend to first set all your slides to a fixed duration of e.g. 5 secs. Then, in timeline mode, choose the slides you wish to wait for an audio marker and set their options accordingly. In your 1 hour audio track add audio markers at the positions you want to transition to the next slide. you will notice that the duration of those “waiting” slides will adopt to your audio marker.