Set audio device for FotoMagico only

Hi there, I’m a video producer working with several remote photographers. I’m regularly in charge of producing a small live stream show with said photographers. They use FotoMagico to showcase their work and sometimes they have audio in it.

Since they are all connected to me and themselves via web conference tool they use the screen share feature to show their FotoMagic presentation. This conference tool does not support audio sharing of said shared application. So in order to capture their audio they need to install a program like BlackHole and do some fiddling, which is not a problem. But as of now they send out their audio output coming from their system as a whole, which means they also send out their incoming conference sound from the other guests, which results in a messy audio echo.

I know my problem here is the limitation of (which is a native web tool), but my issue would also be solved if it would be possible to set a different audio output for just FotoMagico.

Would love to see that feature, if it’s not already built in but hidden.