Sending BoinxTV output to Blackmagic HDMI port

I have a Canon VIXIA HFM500 video camera connected to a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt, with BoinxTV running on a MacBook Pro (2.6 GHz core i7 with 8 gig ram) Everything is working except I need to stream the output from BoinxTV to the HDMI output port on the Intensity Shuttle. Currently that output port only mirrors what the video camera is showing. I’ve googled and looked in the BoinxTV software and I can’t find how you do that.

How does one go about streaming the output from BoinxTV to HDMI?

(The intended use for this setup is to broadcast the morning school news. The school has a great system for streaming content into all of the classrooms. The only requirement is that it be in HDMI format.)

Since all rendering is done on the graphics card, we are unable to pipe the video signal to a BMD output. But you can do fullscreen playout to a secondary display-out. If your Mac doesn’t have a native HDMI out, you can use an adapter from your current graphics card output to HDMI.

Do you have any insight into using the USB version of the BMD with BoinxTV on a MacBook Pro? The MacBook I want to use only has one Thunderbolt port and there isn’t much (like nothing) in the way of Thunderbolt hubs.

@JSI this is the reason I sold my MBP. Only one thunderbolt point really hamstrings the ability to use it for anything but recording a boinx production.

Belkin has a thunderbolt port replicator that has 2 thunderbolt ports; here’s a review of it: (tldr: expensive and has limitations).