Self contained app output photo quality.

I am a user of ProShow Gold and thought I had finally found an alternative on the Mac. I love the easy Mac interface and control I have over the show. However when I put together a show and export as a self-contained application with Fotomagico Pro the images are over compressed and low resolution, my target is 1080p projector. My demo project of 94 slides is only 35MB in size. I cannot find any settings to remedy this.

If you are using the export option “Standalone Player” FotoMagico is copying all the original image files into the player bundle. There shouldn’t be any re-compression. If you are using an video export this is a different story. Please read this (outdated) tutorial to learn about image quality when exporting to a video file:

I was selecting photos in the iview from my Aprerture library. Maybe it is only pulling the previews.

Can you confirm this by adding the images on another way to your slideshow? Does those images have a better quality? Is this reduced quality also visible in FotoMagico itself?

It is pulling the previews. That is the only way we can get developed RAWs from Aperture. Make sure you set the preview quality to something decent.

Yes I am getting half size on my photos, I have changed the preview size to unlimited but they were still coming through half sized. Now my demo has expired and I can’t keep fiddling…

Achim will hook you up with a new demo license. About the previews: Aperture doesn’t necessarily regenerate the previews unless you tell it to. Go to the album you want to re-generate. Select all photos and follow these steps

Having Aperture redo the previews did the trick and the slide shows look great!
I can now green light adding Fotomagico to my railroad photography event presenters guide as an option for creating slide shows.
Previously we only got good results from the PC only program ProShow Gold, it has one of the most convoluted interfaces I have ever used. Just another reason to ditch the PC.
I can now purchase a copy of Pro and stop pulling what little hair I have left out when making my shows.
Paul Petersen
Hillsboro, Oregon

Thanks for the Feedback Paul,

If anything else comes up, let us know!