Selecting a Camera


I figure there must be posts like this constantly but i really am struggling to choose one. I’m working from the old list, as i’m running on OS10.4.11.

I’ve talked ot friends and family who have SLR’s and through that decided to go with a Nikon or Canon as they have a wide range of lenses and i have familiarity with both those brands. However that still leaves lots of cameras to choose from and i don’t know if i should get one with a lense, what size lense, what features i should look out for or what kind of price i should be expecitng to pay (i’m going to buy on second hand) I’d like to pay up to £300 maybe a bit more. I’d likely be shooting close up for now, working on a small scale, probably 15-50cm away from my model. What lense is best for that? if any at all.

This isn’t an impulse buy. I’ve been thinking about this for ages and have a degree in traditional animation so i know what i’m getting into, i just want to make better quality perosnal projects in my sapare time. I haven’t done much stop-motion in the last few years and really want a perminant set up. I just don’t know anytyhing about SLR’s.

Any input would be great.