See This feature request: re-shuffle (reseed) collages

Dear Boinxers,

I love See This and I’ve made a ton of cool collages with it. However, a frequent stumbling block is where it decides to pick image tiles for its collages – say it’ll split a key person in half, making an otherwise great collage a no-go. I assume you’re using random numbers in there to decide (along with motion, etc.) where to place a tile, jitter to apply, and so forth. I’d love a reseed option (“try again!”) to get a different tiling. It could be a button, or even just shake the camera to reseed. Gracias, and kudos on a tremendously fun app!


great to hear that you like You Gotta See This!

Thanks for your suggestion which we also have on our internal feature list. You are right that it is very annoying that sometimes the split is not where you’d like it to be.

Maybe this helps you to better understand what is happening: Due to the current implementation of iOS, we can extract an image from the recording only in a set time interval. We might be able to lift that limitation in a future version.