Second border

I’d really like to be able to add a second border. Is there any simple way of doing this? I guess I could create a an image in PhotoShop with a border and bring it in as a separate layer - but I think image size may be a problem as my underlying images are not all the same.

Thanks very much


Currently, from within FotoMagico, you can only add ONE border around an image. I thought of a clunky workaround which might work, but it’s more pain than it’s worth. And it depends on the number of items you want on each slide (unfortunately, we are currently limited to 6 layers) – AND – it depends on whether you want to use one consistent color border throughout the presentation, or you want to vary the color from slide to slide. Create a solid rectangle in Photoshop of the color you want, making sure it’s large enough to span the entire slide. Import that as an underlying layer and apply a mask to it. Now place your main image on top of that and add the border to it from within FM. Then go back and adjust the mask of the background color rectangle to create that secondary border you want around the main image. Like I said, it’s a pain, but it would work for any size image you want to import. It’s somewhat difficult to adjust the dimensions so that the border would be exactly the same on all four sides. Doable – but a tedious process…