Scrub Fb Live Stream/ Rewindable FB Live stream

Hey guys ive been trying to create a live stream to facebook that viewers can rewind while the live stream was running i cannot in mimolive. How do i do this?

This is a feature of the video streaming platform called DVR. Some services offer this and some don’t. On some services you can turn it on or off, in others you can’t. mimoLive doesn’t care, as we only send the live video. If someone rewinds, the “old” video has to come from the video streaming platform, in this case, Facebook.

I don’t know if this only works on Facebook with planned streams, but you can set “Allow viewers to rewind” in Facebook Live Producer.

Thank you @Oliver_Boinx i tried it already with no success. If i stream using RTMP option then it works but if i stream from the facebook page in mimolive then the DVR option doesnt work. you can only rewind when stream is finished.