Scrollbar to access all Slideshows

Okay, I specialize in stupid questions. Here’s one: Where’s the scrollbar in the Slideshows list window so I can scroll down to access the rest of my Slideshows? I posted an illustration at this link:

You are right, there should be a scroll bar. I have taken a note for our dev team! Thanks for pointing this to us and sorry for the inconvenience!

The scroll bar problem was fixed for a long while. However, after I upgraded to Mountain Lion, once again the scroll bar in the Slideshows window is missing and I can no longer access all of my slideshows. Can you verify this problem? (PhotoPresenter 4.1.6)

Again, I’m unable to access most of my slideshows because the scrollbar disappeared when I upgraded to OS-X Mountain Lion. This forum item has been neglected forever and I am ready to move on to a different program. Before I give up on PhotoPresenter, here’s one last appeal: Is the invisible scroll bar problem scheduled for repair? Or is this an orphaned product?