Screen Source Not Working

Hi I Have Mac Pro mimiLive I con’t see the screen source I have tow screens first one Wacom Cnitiq 27" and thunderbolt 27" display.

Can you help me please

@AlShurooqi I’m sorry to hear about the troubles you experience.

Can you please describe the problem in more detail? With “can’t see the screen source” do you mean you’ve set up a screen source but it won’t show up in the program out? Or is the screen source not listed in the Sources column?

Hi Oliver

when I add Screen Capture not working I can’t see my screen.

It give me black screen when add it to the layer.

Thank you

Screen Capture Erorr

Facing the same problem

@AlShurooqi From your screen shot I can read that you didn’t assign the Screen Source 1 to any layer. You may probably think its the bottom layer but this is currently connected to the Window Capture source which may not capture a window because you already close it? You need to drag the “Screen Source” from the first column to the bottom “Placer” layer and drop it there in order for it to be used in your video production.

@“Trends Overtakers” Can you please send a screenshot of your mimoLive document window so that we can see the configuration?

Hi Achim,
Screen Capture Black display

Screen Capture no display

@AlShurooqi Your document looks right thought. do you have multiple screes? Can you switch the Capture Area from “Cintiq…” to “Custom”, does this work?

No I tried all options but it’s not working :neutral:

@AlShurooqi What macOS version are you using?

@“Oliver (Boinx)” macOS Sierra 10.12.5

About my MacPro

Hello anybody help me please :neutral:

@AlShurooqi Please can you create a new user on your macOS System, login to this user and see if it still not working? With this test we will know if this is a “User” specific installation that causes this problem or if it is a System wide issue on your machine.

@AlShurooqi I just had another thought: What do you try to capture? If it’s DRM protected the macOS code will black it out.

@“Achim (Boinx)” :frowning: still not working

@“Oliver (Boinx)” so how can I disable DRM protection

@AlShurooqi Sorry, I guess this is not the right forum to discuss ways to work around DRM illegally.

Anyways, does screen capture in mimoLive works for you with content without DRM? E.g. the normal desktop of your computer?

@AlShurooqi was there any resolve to this issue, I can screen capture on my MBP but opening the same show on my Mac Pro and the same content to capture its black only. Really need a fix asap. @“Achim (Boinx)” @“Oliver (Boinx)”

@winnie hello still not working with me and I don’t know what should I do :frowning:

@AlShurooqi Yesterday I experienced a similar situation: The Screen Capture Source was all black. It turned out that I had copied the document from on Mac to the other and therefor mimoLive wasn’t able to find the “original” display to capture from. The display ID is certainly different when switching Macs but mimoLive is using the display ID to detect which display to capture. If this ID is missing it captures black. So I needed to reselect the main screen in the screen capture source and also switched the layer off, removed the video input here and reassigned it. After this procedure the screen capture worked as expected and we didn’t have any troubles anymore.

Does this help in your case?