Screen Display


Thanks for the earlier reply. My project changed a little. I have to add a few more features to it. I am attaching a picture in the jpeg format. My boinx tv window should look this. I am describing the features.

  1. News: This is a live video source. It comes from a router.
  2. Weather: This comes from a dynamic webpage : M stands for mobile.
  3. Logo: This will be the RDI (CBC) logo. It is available. I have to insert it.
  4. Sports: This has to come from the CBC website. It should show the sports headline. Let’s say it displays one heading. It should stay there for some time, disappear and then another heading should come.
  5. Banner Ad: It should come from a folder. Let’s say I have a folder with a few banner advertisements. It should display them one after other like a loop.
  6. News: This should come from the CBC website. It should be showing the headlines and should be scrawling from right to left.

In addition, I might have to add a q – code fro the weather inside the weather area.

So far, I have achieved steps 1 and 6.

Regarding step 2, you answered earlier. Could you explain how to do that? Is there any other way of doing it?

Regarding step 4, you could use an RSS feed. But it should not be scrawling. Is it possible to do so?

Other features might be coming up. I will update you along the way.

Thanks Again.