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Thanks for the earlier reply. My project changed a little. I have to add a few more features to it. I am attaching a picture in the jpeg format. My boinx tv window should look this. I am describing the features.

  1. News: This is a live video source. It comes from a router.
  2. Weather: This comes from a dynamic webpage : M stands for mobile.
  3. Logo: This will be the RDI (CBC) logo. It is available. I have to insert it.
  4. Sports: This has to come from the CBC website. It should show the sports headline. Let’s say it displays one heading. It should stay there for some time, disappear and then another heading should come.
  5. Banner Ad: It should come from a folder. Let’s say I have a folder with a few banner advertisements. It should display them one after other like a loop.
  6. Headlines: This should come from the CBC website. It should be showing the headlines and should be scrolling from right to left.

In addition, I might have to add a q – code for the weather inside the weather area.

So far, I have achieved steps 1 and 6. I achieved step 6 by adding a news scrawler and then adding the RSS feed into it.

Regarding step 2, you answered earlier. Is there any other way of doing it? Is there any way of adding the URL of the website into any feature of the boinx such that it automatically displays the contents of that website?

Regarding step 4, you could use an RSS feed. But it should not be scrolling. It should display one heading, stay there for some time, disappear and then show another heading. Is it possible to do so?

Other features might be coming up. I will update you along the way.

Thanks Again.

  1. For capturing a web site, check you the video call tutorial on and replace the video call application with e.g. the safari window.
  2. Use the station logo layer.
  3. Not possible with the RSS crawler. That would require a custom layer that you can purchase from our web store.
  4. Same as above.


Thanks for your reply.My company is buying the full version of the Boinx.Do you think the custom layer is included in it? Do I still need to buy it from your web store?


As the custom layer requires a lot of extra engineering on out part, it is not included in the full version. It basically means we create a layer with custom functionality for you that does exactly what you need.


Thanks for your reply.I will ask two questions.

1.How much will the custom layer cost?How do I buy it?

2.Regarding displaying the website (i.e,do you think it is possible to add the URL link to any feature such that it will display the webpage automatically and I do not have to use a capture screen.I mean if I buy the custom layer,will it be possible or I still have to follow the method of the video call tutorial as you suggested earlier.I tried it but cannot resize the safari window small enough to place it in the right place without cutting the contents.

Thanks Again

A custom layer s $999 and can be purchased from

Just entering a URL will not be possible, even with a custom layer. You don’t need to scale the window down in advance. You can do all the cropping and scaling in BoinxTV. Simply set the Placer layer to custom and you can adjust the video to whatever you need.


Thanks for your reply.

1.Let’s say I buy the custom layer.How do I make it work?Do I need an apple script or any other scripter?

2.Regarding the display of the webpage (i.e.,you replied " Simply set the Placer layer to custom and you can adjust the video to whatever you need".I still do not understand it.Do you mean this can be done only with the custom layer?

I tried with the demo version of boinx tv that comes with every mac computer.I added a placer.I added a screen source.In the boinx tv,I zoomed and then cropped the right and the left.Still I cannot fit the weather content.

Thanks Again

To make sure you understand what a custom layer is:
You define a specific functionality and or visual representation that you need, e.g. an RSS layer, that reads news items from an RSS feed, but instead of sidescrolling, it should display each item statically for a while and then dissolve to the next RSS item. It is a custom built Layer Addon for BoinxTV that has the functionality you require.

To help you understand better, I recorded a short screencast, demonstrating what I mean. You need the “Custom” Geometry setting in the Placer layer, that has nothing to do with the “Custom layer”.

I hope that makes it somewhat clear.


Thanks for your video on screencast.It was helpful.My company might buy the custom layer.I have to ask you two important questions before that.

1.You replied to point 4 of the original (first) post.Regarding point 5 (i.e) the banner ads, will the custom layer still work?I mean I will create a folder where I will put let’s say 6 - 7 banner ads.In a specific part of the boinx screen,I want to display it (please see the picture in the first post).I want that the first banner ad comes, stays there for sometime, disappears and then the next one comes.

2.Is it possible to have some descriptions and documentations on the custom layer?My manager wants to have some more information on the custom layer before buying it.


Hi there,

  1. Yes, indeed. The custom layer would run independently from all other stuff that is visible in the live output. You will get a layer just as all the others with options and a “live” button to switch it on and off.
  2. Here is some information about custom layers: (scroll down to “Customizing BoinxTV” and click on the “Read More…” button.) In this section you also have the link to order it online.

Thank you very much!

I still have to clarify.Please read the original post,i.e the first post and look at the picture I attached.Does it mean I can do both steps 4 and 5 on the same screen (at the same time) with a custom layer.