screen capture source on a different desktop space?

First of all, thank you for BoinxTV which is an amazing piece of software. I am currently testing it with a view to implementing the software in a webinar and podcasting environment.

I would like to be able to utilise the “spaces” feature of OSX to use screen sources without having those programs that I wish to capture from in view. An example of how this may be useful is, for instance having a presenter controlling a Fotomagico presentation from his iphone and capturing the presentation straight into boinxTV.

We might wish to preserve screen real estate by putting Fotomagico on another desktop space. Is this currently possible? How might we go about configuring such a setup?

I had this same thought; so far, it’s a no go on 10.6 & 10.7, even with the BoinxTV beta. I’ve also tried the Camtwist approach as well without success.

if this is being shown on a projector, if you hook that up to the recording mac, then you can turn on extended desktop, put the demo instance on that “screen” & capture that with boinx on the built in display.

Due to the way Spaces work technically, this is not possible sorry.