Screen Capture Feedback iStopMotion for Mac

Hi! - How do I get rid of the feedback when setting up
recordings on the screen capture mode? I am having a hard time configuring screen recordings. I have enclosed a photo of the feedback. Thanks for your help. All your products are terrific. Love FotoMagico. Where do I find FM teaching screencasts?

Please click on the “Configure” button in the upper right corner. You will get a black box on the screen which show, what portion of the screen we are capturing right now. You are able to resize and drag the black frame to a new position. Once you set up it the way you need it you can switch off the black box by clicking “Done”.

Regarding your request for FotoMagico tutorials: We currently only have the introduction video within the app itself. You can watch it again by selecting “Getting Started” in the “Help” menu of FotoMagico.

Achim, thanks a lot for writing. I used the black box before I wrote you
and again after reading your response. I am still getting screen feedback and I have no idea how to get rid of it. I am including here a JPEG (with the black box) of the feedback. I cannot do screen recordings. The only way is to do auto capture and minimize the software, the edit the film to cut out the start and the end. I suspect there is an easy way to capture the screen without the feedback and I want very much to find it. Thanks a lot. Be well, José

As far as the videos. I remember seeing a video on your website over an hour long with two gentlemen explaining FM4 and its updates. I cannot find that video and the screencast explained in details, layers,
masks, highlights, etc… etc…
Where can I find that video? Thanks.

I found the video in You Tube it a webinar published on February 14 of this year. Thank you.

Regarding the video feedback: Thats the nature of the screen capture source: It captures that whats in the black box. And this indeed is the screen itself, so you must get this video feedback. If you want to get iStopMotion out of your way, you may connect a secondary monitor to you computer to get more screen space.