Schedule Show Start?

After reading the manual and some Google searches, I can’t quite figure out if Mimo Live can be scheduled to start the show. Is that possible? If so, how?

My church is trying to and stream to YouTube and we’d like to set Mimo to start broadcasting the stream at a certain time. We’d also like a video file to play automatically when the show starts (which I believe I can do with offsets).

Thanks in advance.

@danboni You could start mimoLive at a certain time via the HTTP Api.

However, we have not implemented a more convenient way to do this because it is not a great idea. YouTube and other streaming platforms are not synchronous like TV used to be. In order to make it easy for viewers to join your stream in time, it is advisable to begin the stream 10 to 15 minutes before the event starts. This gives you also time to react to unforseen problems with the stream. There is a countdown clock layer which allows you to inform your viewers of when the program will start.

If you want to move to automated operation, it is easy to set up a Remote Control Surface on an iPhone you can take with you and put a start button on it. This way you don’t have to be at the streaming machine in order to start the broadcast.