Scene switching with keyboard for interviews

I’m trying to run a 3-up interview program, where I’ll often switch between a screen with all three participants to a screen with one particular participant (one of the three). The problem is that while you can turn on and off a single group of levels with a given key, there’s no way to switch from one group of levels to another group of levels with a given key.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say there’s me (Luke), and I have Leia and Han as guests. Initially, I might want to just have me, so I’d turn off the screens with Han and Leia. Then, once we’re in the show, I want to turn off my screen (easy, since it’d be controlled with “A”), and then show the screen that shows all three. So I’d hit “A” and then, say “3”.

But now Han and Leia are arguing, and I want to jump quickly back and forth between them. If Han is “B” and Leia is “C”, to switch I have to quickly hit “BC” or “CB”. I’d rather just be able to hit “C” to have all the layers adjust properly to see Leia on the screen and then hit, say “3” and get all three of us, without having to remember which key to hit to turn off a scene and then which to turn on a scene.

I tried using Keyboard Magic to do this, and it can do it by remembering and setting variables. The only problem is Keyboard Magic isn’t recognized by Boinx TV’s level switching keyboard controls.

So, is there a smooth way to run an interview show like this? It’s fine when someone else is running the show in a control room, but when I’m trying to talk and be on-air at the same time, keeping track of which layers to turn off and then which to turn on is getting very challenging.


You properly missed the Video Switcher layer (not available in BoinxTV Home)? Once this layer is in your layer stack you will be able to switch four video sources with it. One of the four is the “Layers below” the video switcher layer, place a “Placer layer” beneath the Video Switcher layer and attach one of your sources to it. In the “Control” section of the layers settings for the Video Switcher you are able to set 8 keys to switch to the four sources either with a cut or a dissolve transition.

I did miss that, but I’m also not sure it does all I want. What if I want to go from 1 person on screen to 2, then back to 1, then to 4, for example. To get to a new scene, I now have to hit a key to clear the scene (giving empty screen for a sec) and then another to get into the new scene. Because I’m the host as well as the control room, this gets complex fast.

But I will look into the Video Switcher and see if it gets me close. Do you have any more extensive docs on it or a video? I saw the sample, but no info on how to use it. Thanks!

Awesome product.

Sorry, we don’t have good documentation right now. But I think it is pretty straight forward. The Video Switcher layer is a single layer so you don’t have to switch it on or off at any time. Itself has three video inputs where you connect your three cameras to. In the control section of the layers setting you have buttons for each video source to switch to. So you have one button to switch to camera A and another button to switch to camera B and so forth. Actually there are two buttons for each of the video sources where one is for doing a hard cut and the second is for a dissolve transition to the certain video source. Each button can have a keyboard short cut, so you can have setup the keys “1” through “4” to do a hard cut to the video source A, B, C and D and the keys “q”, “w”, “e” and “r” to do the dissolve transition respectively.