Scale and pan live video with keyframes

Does anybody know if its possible to have a live feed (source a) against a background (source b) and be able to scale and move source a whilst live. I want the source to transition between specified size/positions either by a toggle key or a specified time.

If not, can anyone suggest a video DVE controller that can be add before the video input into Boinxtv.


You can use the “PIP” (Picture in Picture) layer to do this: Add a single layer to your layer stack and setup the PIP source to your source A. Then use the Geometry controls to position your image to the right place. To create multiple positions, add more “Layer Settings” to this one layer by clicking the “+” button in the dark window of that layer in the layer stack. Use the triangle on the left side of the dark window to show all your settings for this layer in a vertical list. Select one layer setting after the other to setup your different positions. Also attach a keyboard short cut to each of the layer settings, in order to be able to set them live on demand. Now, when you switch between those layer settings, the source A will move around on the canvas from one position to the next.