Saving font settings

I set up font characteristics, including shadow items, only to have it change when I try to insert a title in another slide. How can I make the settings the defaultl to my project?

Also, why doesn’t FM offer the option of providing color behind a title, like Photo to Movie does? Sometimes a title needs background to make it readable.

I’ve requested your second suggestion a number of times.

We should have control over text not only with respect to what font is being used (and everything offered by the Font dialog box), but also its color, its transparency, the color of the text “box” that holds the text, the transparency of that box, and also be able to “place” the text within the box in a manner that makes it look “good” (that is, centered left/right/up/down VISUALLY – which hints at the ability to provide some type of inset values).

@johnF: I tested FotoMagico 4.3.1 again and it seems that it stores the font settings from title obejct to title object. What is your workflow when adding titles?

However you can copy and past the title object from one slide to another once you have setup the appearance the way you want and then just change the text in the second slide. Does this work for you?

More control over the title object and its text is on our feature wish list!

Just curious if the ability to make a background color to text box has been added to the features yet? I WOULD LOVE THIS FEATURE!