Saving a recording from BoinxTV

Love BTV…using it for our quarterly company meeting productions…
Also for another use…recording of technical training: Training Recording In A Box…a camera, tripod and a MacBookPro running BTV.

Most recently, pur setup was used to capture a two day class. What we are finding is that we are recording In a couple of hour segments and when it is time for a break, stopping the recording. It then takes time for BTV to save the recording in the correct format. This save takes a long time…more time then the allotted break of the class.

Is there a way to have BTV to just save what was recorded (in the native BTV format?)and then when we have more time go back and export it in the correct format? Any other strategies?

I look forward to your reply…



There is no need for immediately converting the movies to another codec after recording. This is just for convenience. Just uncheck the option for encoding in the drop down window which comes after the recording has stopped. Your recorded file will be stored in the folder you setup in the BoinxTV Preferences in Apple Intermediate codec. However you can’t use BoinxTV anymore to convert the file, you have to use another 3rd party application for reencoding.