Save iStopMotion Project to Reopen Later?

Can I quit IStopMotion and reopen it later to continue working on a project? All I see how to do is to save as a movie, which can’t be edited. Am I missing something?


iStopMotion saves its project in a native QuickTime movie file which can be reopened again in iStopMotion. However there seems to be a bug in QuickTime that causes data loss when doing so with big files and therefore we recommend to start a new project and concatenate those projects in a post production step.

The idea of saving iStopMotion projects in a native QuickTime file format was that other QuickTime compatible applications should be able to open and use it. Unfortunately this didn’t work out quite well, because other apps (e.g. like Final Cut) didn’t expect to have multiple or transparent tracks in one movie file. Thats why we recommend to export the project from iStopMotion into a finalized/flattened movie file and use this file in 3rd party movie editing apps for post production.

What is your workflow so that you get an not editable movie file?