Save as Direct Path as the default for videos?

Are enormous multi-GB ProRes422 videos really being copied into my document? If so, could it not…?

I’ve looked through the preferences. I didn’t see a way to set Direct Path as the default.

I haven’t actually run into problems so this isn’t really a complaint, but I think I’d rather always have everything external, so I can organize my shows in folders.

Currently there is no “general preference” option for this. We will take this as a feature request! :slight_smile:

However when you dragging in a file to the Source Repository you may notice the green “+” bobble next to the mouse cursor this means that you will copy the file to the mimoLive document bundle. You can hold down the “alt” key on the keyboard to switch to “Path Reference” indicated by the “arrow” icon next to the mouse cursor. This will save the absolut path for the file rather than file itself.

( I updated the documentation here:
Does this help?

Oh, yes! :slight_smile:

So simply option+drag when loading my content?

Just tried it. That works Thank you!