RSS Feed ~ Organic?

I am interested in an rss feed display… but…instead of pointing to an actual url, I want a local document to be the feed instead. This is for a school, so thinking lunch menu, etc… content we want to place in as a crawl… but isn’t set up on the web as an rss feed currently.

Is there a simple way to do this? What can be used as a template to set this up and just plug in content as needed?

Thanks much!

You can use the “Boinx Crawl” layer to display any RSS feed. You have two options to set this up:

  1. You can switch from an RSS feed to a “local file” in the parameters panel on the left. You will geht a file chooser-button to select the proper RSS-file to display. Please remember that this file gets imported into the document and therefore the output won’t change if you change your original document.

  2. You keep the “URL schema” and put in your absolute file path here like this: “~/Desktop/myRssFeed.xml” In this case the original file will remain the data source for BoinxTV. When changing the file on the desktop it takes some time that the changes gets visible in BoinxTV. Therefore it is the best to start BoinxTV after changing the xml file.

Here is how a proper RSS feed XML file looks like:

Awesome… thank you… will try these approaches and report back. Thank Achim!

Got it! Works great… using Dreamweaver for generating the xml feed. Thank you for your help.

how can I FORCE a RSS refresh, so if the RSS content changes, the crawl will change???

@lorcott: If you scroll down the parameter list on the left you should be able to see the “Debug Inputs” section at the bottom. Click the bar to open it. Here you have a parameter which controls the refresh rate. Also you have a button to force the refresh immediately.

ACHIM!!! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES! This was EXACTLY what I was looking for…FANTASTIC!!!