rig removal

i cant find the rig removal function in ISM2 PRO. Is there not such a function?

To remove a rig in iStopMotion you can setup an “Image Editor” in the Helpers tap of the application preferences (e.g. Adobe Photoshop). Then right-click on the image in the timeline and select “Edit in [PhotoShop]” menu item. The frame gets stored in a temporary location and opens up in your editing application. Once you finished your rig removal just save the frame with command-s and go back to iStopMotion. iStopMotion then will read back in the temporary file and replace the frame in the timeline with the corrected on. We are convinced that 3rd party image editors will do a great job for this feature.

Hi I have i stopmotion and i have tried to remove rigs in photoshop but when i save them they dont seem to have worked in istopmotion? Do I need to change my save settings in photoshop to save layers?
This is the link i have followed but doesn’t work when saved? http://youtu.be/tCQTiUbOb7o
Any help would be brilliant (sorry don’t think the link worked)

@babyman: I tested the tutorial in combination with iStopMotion. The problem is, that Photoshop don’t want to save the image as .png file to the very same location anymore, because the image contains layers now. Before saving the image you have to “flatten” the image to a single layer. Then PS is going to save it as a png again and iStopMotion is able to detect the change of the file.

My two cents on the tutorial: Thats one way to do it. Some improvements on the workflow:

  • Use a layers mask instead of the eraser, because if you erase too much or aren’t satisfied with the result, you can just swap the drawing color from black to white and draw in the mask to make things appear again.
  • Use a brush with feathered edges, because nothing is really “sharp” in your image. A soft edged brush helps you to blend between your flying object and the background more naturally.

Thank you so much for your quick response . I will test that this afternoon :slight_smile: Thanks again. much appreciated