Rien fonctionne,nothing work.......

J’ai acheté fotomagico installé et fait 2 montage, aujourd’hui veut continuer et rien ne fonctionne…J’ai un IMac
I buy fotomagico a couple day ago, made test and buy for 69$, I did 2 slideshow, today Itry to open and nothing work, I have a IMac

@Pierre Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ve just released Version 5.4 to address this issue: https://cdn.boinx.com/software/fotomagico/Boinx_FotoMagico_5_5.4-22624.app.zip

For more information on the background, please see this thread: https://forum.boinx.com/discussion/5755/fotomagico-5-3-crashing-while-launching-the-application

Thank you for using FotoMagico!