Reverse Order messes up the sequence

In the middle of a 1’20" movie I accidentally pressed ‘reverse order’ in ‘actions’, now when I press play it shows frames in a seemingly random order. When I press pause and then play it again the frame on which I paused reappears in random places.

The navigator photo sequence is correct, so, how do I reinstate the original play sequence following each frame as taken?

Many thanks

You can hold down the “play” button for two seconds to let iStopMotion recreate the playback movie.

Apologies for my delay in saying thank you for your very welcome response. Many, many thanks. That worked, although it had to be done several times. We had pressed pause on the title frame we had created a few times and it then inserted that frame about 4-5 times in the middle of the sequence. Repeating your method got it down one at a time to one extra then repeating the press/hold again put it back up to three. Odd.