Request :: option to choose which sound is output for monitoring - use = VIDEO RE-RECORDING

Hi, as a musician I tried to use boinxTV as a video re-recording tool ::
– first recording on piano
– and second recording on an other instrument, while the first recording runs in a window, via a media file.

Well that works… but is useless because the sound output by boinxTV has such a delay that it is extremely difficult to play on it… in time.

A simple solution would be to make it possible to select which sound is output for monitoring (and also separately, which sounds are used for recording).

That would allow one to output for monitoring only the “piano” accompaniment track play along and record the full signal piano + instrument layer.

Outside the musical scope, i’m convinced such a function would be useful to many other situations that can make good use of video-re-recording : to comment videos, make user guides, and explore the world of making sense of video sequences.

Hope it gets through sometimes…