Replacing Too Large Images In Bulk?

OK, I seem to have made a rookie mistake. I imported lots of images that are too large for the display resolution. Not only does FM warn me, but I am worried that the slideshow will be jerky when shown. What are my solutions? It seems to me that it comes down to:

  1. Find a hidden “Replace with smaller files in bulk” command.
  2. Manually replace every single file (about 277 at this point).
  3. Start over.

Only option one has any appeal right now.

Any suggestions or solutions?


Are you using the FotoMagico 4 Beta already?
It has these feature. In FotoMagico 3 this is not yet possible.

I use EasyBatchPhoto (Appstore). I will try that on a copy. Show the content of fotomagico file (ctrl click). Copy the image folder. Adjust Easybatchphoto for fixed width of 800 pix or thereabout and assign an export folder. Drop the all content of your copied image folder in EBP. Replace the image folder in your copy of your fotomagico file and start you program. You will still have to adjust your animations with the new size of each photo which is quite a task.

Bastian: No, I am new to FM 3. I will look into FM4 beta.

Castafiore: Thanks for the tip.