Replacing aging Mac Mini

I currently use Boinx TV on a Mac Mini (A1283) machine but it’s starting to struggle.

I’ve not got a massive budget and the machines I’m looking at have a Intel HD Graphics 3000 or Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card.

I know for best results I need the ATI or Nvidia dedicated graphics card but a Mac with this simply is way out of my budget.

I don’t record video to the hard drive or stream it, I simply use BoinxTV to display standard definition 25FPS graphics and video clips on a projector using the external monitor feature.

The Mac Mini does the job - just - so would the Intel 3000 or 4000 graphics cards give me an improvement? Does anyone use these with Boinx?


I think it would. I use a Mac Mini 2012 with 16gb of ram and 240gb SanDisk SSD and I run A LOT of HD layers for the sports productions we use it for. Lots of RAM should be your priority for a Mac Mini (or any computer for that matter). If you use the layers that require internal rendering for animation or whatever then your GPU is definitely a concern but so far my experience with BoinxTV and a Mac Mini have been unbelievable. Hope that helps.

I’d also say the 4000 graphics would be enough for it.

FYI the macrumors buyer’s guide is recommending not to buy mac minis right now. They are due for an update to hardware soon: