Remove fade-in at start - plus - how to set a poster frame?

Is it possible to remove the fade-in on the very first slide? There appears to be a default approx. 0.7 second fade-from-black. I’d like my exported video slideshow to start on the first slide, not with black.

Also, is it possible to set the exported video poster frame?

Thanks in advance.

Place the timeline cursor at the very start of the slideshow (or just click on the “|<<” playback button) and either set the Transition to Type “Cut” (or if it is some other transition, just set the duration to 0s).There might be a miniscule delay in either case, but I’ll bet you can’t measure it with a handheld stopwatch :wink: and it’s almost impossible for the eye to notice it.

Thanks, stantastic. Much appreciated.

Anna Ericsson, from the Support Team at Boinx wrote:
To remove the fade, set the fade duration to 0.0s in Share > Custom Video > Rendering > Fade duration

This worked perfectly. I’ll also try your method.

In regards to adding a poster frame, I’ve found that the program Mp3tag does a great job on mp4 files. Copy an image (anything that can be copied to the clipboard), then paste into the disc symbol area in Mp3tag. That same image with then show up in the Show Info panel, and well as in any Finder window, in all of the views.