Remote iPod camera loses connection from iPad when moved away from each other

Here’s our issue. We have iStopCamera on an iPod model MGG82LL/A, connecting to an iPad model MD788LL/A.

They are both on the same wifi and connect initially, but when the iPod is moved about 10 feet or so away, they lose connection until they are brought closer together. Why do they lose connection if they are communicating through wifi, and how do we rectify the problem?

Bueller? Bueller?

@waltsentme What iOS version are you on?

9.3.5 on the iPod and 11.2.6 on the iPad.

I’d like to get some help with this before we have our next group of kids doing this project at our museum.

@waltsentme I’m sorry about the troubles which are most likely due to the different iOS versions. The technology that allows the two devices to find each other is agnostic to the connection between the devices being Wifi or Bluetooth, but it went through a lot of iterations over the different iOS releases. Sometimes the connection defaults to Bluetooth when it should use Wifi.

Can you please try to turn off Bluetooth on one of the devices and let me know if that helps? They should still be able to find each other through the Wifi connection.

When are the next workshops?

Next week. Both bluetooth connections were already off. Restarted both devices just in case. Still losing connection when they get far away from each other. Any other method to get past this problem?

@waltsentme How far is “far away”?

Normally, they would talk to each other over their Wifi network, which is independent of physical distance as long as both are in the same network. Some wifi networks do not allow devices on the same network to talk to each other. Can you verify with your network admin if this might be the case?