Remote Control lower ⅓ labels

Greetings - I am using mimoLive remote Control for the first time. I’ve set up my control surface and have run across a minor bug with labels for lower thirds. I drag a specific title to the iPad control surface the number 10 is displayed as the button label. When I go live the 10 is still there until I press the title … then the default Name flashes up, followed by a countdown that starts at 11. (animation is 1.5 sec x 2 plus 8 second title display … the 11 makes sense, 10 must be a default from somewhere else).

I was able to get two of my four titles to properly display a manually entered label all of the time but now cannot repeat that process. The default titles never displayed.

Brand new 10.5" iPad with download of Remote Control yesterday … iOS 10.3.2

Any suggestions? Thx.

The remote control application is actually part of mimoLive on your Mac. The remote control app on your iPad is just a headless wrapper around a internet browser. Thats why I am asking what version of mimoLive on the Mac are you running?

mimoLive is 2.9.1, most current according to software update. Thanks Achim,

Unfortunately I can’t reproduce the issue here. Please can you do a screen cast which shows your workflow? Hopefully this will show me what I did differently than you.