Remote Control for 2 or + Mimolive docs

Hi guys,
hope you are doing great.
Im having good time working with the new release of Mimolive. also im going to test the new beta mimocall client. great job.
I have a question and dont know if it has been discussed before.

Most of the time i run 2 simultaneous Mimolive documents, one for the pgm and one for video feed return for the studio or Zoom for example.

Is there anyway to control both documents with one Remote Control Surface? I also have a Streamdeck and an Xkeys 60, and what i would to achieve is to control wiht the xkeys all the stuff inside the 2 mimo projects.

Thanks a lot and keep going with your job.

Hi @tino. It is possible to remote control two documents at the same time using the Automation Layer. Basically, you create a proxy in one document to control the other document.

@Oliver_Boinx Thanks for reply. That’s pretty cool! Is there any video or documentation so i can understand better how to setup this?

That is a very good point. There is not enough documentation.

But basically, the Automation Layer lets you control layers (or layer sets) in another document by using the long version of the API endpoints. So, you set up an automation layer which controls the layer in the other document and then you can put the automation layer on the Remote Control Surface.

The Automation Layer documentation can be found at: Automation - mimoLive - 5

HI Oliver. thanks.
I made it, it was very simple.
Now i have another challenge: in the second document, i have a stop watch layer; would be awesome to control Start/stop/Reset from the -1st doc.
I saw that the 3 commands has API endpoint but i’m not getting which is the right command to ignite this.

You can use the httpRequest command. Use the “Copy URL to trigger button” command from the context menu to get the URL you need to call.

Screenshot 2021-03-01 at 22.16.00

Thank you Oliver. I didnt see that command. Works fine