Remote Audio monitoring by talent

I am doing a live talk show where I use mimoreporter to bring in remote talent. I have 4 hosts. What can I do to get them the audio of the guest on mimo reporter without having my personal monitor turned up? Is there an audio monitoring device that would make this easier?

@“Andrew Quinn” Thank you for using mimoLive.

I assume, the 4 hosts are in the same room?

In mimoLive 4.1 you can create a secondary audio output and route that to an output device of your choice. In 4.2 (currently in Beta) you can change the mix of that audio output to mute your own audio and the audio from the hosts so they only hear the guest. It is probably best to give each host earphones so that there is no feedback to the mimoLive Reporter caller.

Do you have a link to a recording of your show so I can see if I understood correctly?