Red MEM?

While recording it starts off being green, then turns red at which point I quit the recording because the audio will be so misaligned that there is no saving it. If we were to continue, by the time 3 minutes go by the audio would be up to 30 sec. out of sync. Now I know that obviously if you have a red MEM light that something not good is happening, but my question is why am I receiving that light? Is it in reference to the system memory, HDD memory, video memory, or what? The percentage next to it is usually below 40%. What is the percentage a reference to? Overall system usage?

Please help, this seems to be happening more and more!

Some background info: we are using a firewire camera with a usb mic into a 1st gen mac pro with 11gb of ram and 2tb HDD (which less than 10% is used) and a new Raedon 5970 with 1gb ram. In Boinx we are recording with 960X540 24 fps in Apple Intermediate Codec.

The red MEM sign means that BoinxTV is reaching its memory limit in RAM. Usually this happens when you are playing back movies. Unfortunately we have a bug in version 1.8.4 that leads to this memory leak with H264 encoded videos. Currently the best workaround is to re-encode those videos to another codec before using them in BoinxTV.

The 40% is the graphic card performance indicator. It tells you that it took 40% of your 1/24 sec to render the complete video frame. If this is going up over 100%, you will notice dropping frames in the video output. If this happens you have to switch off layers in order to remove render load from the graphics card.

Current workaround to reencode? Please let us know which codecs work best…thank you

We usually recommend to use the Apple Intermediate codec, because it is light weight in terms of CPU usage and memory footprint. However it generates big file sizes.

I have used AIC, H.264, even RAW and It still comes up. However I went in and cleaned all the imported media out of the Boinx file we are using and I ran Repair Disk Permissions in Disk Utility and it seems to have made it better, but I fear the day it returns and I get pretty nervous hitting that next layer on. One thing I did notice was that when I “Hovered” over the red mem it says X used / 3000mb (or so) available. What is the 3000mb referring to?

The “x MB used” messages tells you how much RAM BoinxTV already acquired from the MacOS System. For technical reasons BoinxTV is a 32 bit application and can only get 4 GB in size. If the memory usage reaches this maximum BoinxTV will crash inevitably. It is important to keep an eye on this indicator to see it coming in advanced. You have to stop playing back movies. We are working on this problem with H264 encoded videos.

I know that this is a really old thread, but I found a solution that works. We were having this same issue.

I started deleting all of the sources that we werent using, and the memory gradually started going down. We had over 100 sources that werent being used any longer. Deleting them fixed the memory issue.