Record your desktop with BonixTV?

Hello guys,

I have two questions,

Is it possible to record/capture your desktop or X App you’re working in for making tutorials?
Something does, start with a shot about yourself explaining what the tutorial is all about > then > switch to another video source that will record the actions inside X app.

I have installed BoinxTV (demo) and I can understand how I can record myself, I get that picture but I can’t find a way to record my desktop/- or X App.

MousePosé looks very good, I can really use a tool like that when recording tutorials but those features are not included in BoinxTV right?


Shmoo you need a program called CamTwist. It’s 100% free. CamTwist allows you to capture your desktop activity in video - you can either capture the whole desktop at once, or just a portion of it. When you launch camtwist it creates a camera that is presented to other programmes. So when you launch Boinx TV (make sure you have CamTwist open BEFORE you launch Boinx TV) you will be able to add the CamTwist capture device as a camera in your Boinx TV presentation.

Thank you for your response I’ll look into it…

you can record desktop on the same machine boinxtv runs on without camtwist. set it up as a source. it requires 2 displays tho so the boinx window isn’t in the way.

I use CamTwist for iOS Demos using the application ‘Reflector’. Inexpensive, and easy to use.