"Record shortcut" button cannot be selected

In Triggers, I am not able to setup a shortcut to toggle for either the layer or layer settings. I have tried several different layers including Twitter, News crawl, Station logo, and Basketball Score Keeper. I cannot setup a shortcut for any of them. The button appears grayed out. I feel like this is something obvious that I’m doing wrong, but I can’t figure it out.

Screenshot included.

It might seem greyed out, please click it anyway. It should turn to recording mode.

What version of BoinxTV are you using? It looks a bit strange to me.

I clicked it, after which point typing any combination of keys makes the OS X “you can’t type there” noise, and nothing happens. I went ahead and emailed support, and it was suggested that I remove my preference plists from ~/Users/username/Library/Preferences/ . I did that and restarted—no change.

Attached is what it looks like when I click any “Record shortcut” button.

Better picture.