Recommend Cameras

Is there a list of recommend Cameras. For what I understand from the forums, for multi cam, you must use firewire and they must be on a separate firewire bus to work smoothly. Is there any documentation that we can download that tell us this information.

Can I use Cameras with HDMI as input into BoinxTV. I have not seen much information on this. Most new Cameras that have CF cards have HDMI output. Will this work. Is anyone doing this that can report to everyone.

We tried to illustrate this on our Example Configurations Page:

HDMI can also work if the machine can handle it. With the 8 Core we have at our offices, the maximum is 2 HDMI 1080p (downconverted to 720p in BoinxTV) sources though.

Is there documentation available to see complete configurations tested?

Hello David,

on the mentioned page click on the “Read More…” buttons below the three configurations and a spec sheet will pop in to show you what kind of hardware we are using here.