Recognizing another computer as an input source

I run BoinxTV Studio on a Mac Pro 8-Core. What I am attempting to do is hook my Macbook Pro up to the Pro 8-Core computer (via firewire or some other connection). Would Boinx recognize the Macbook Pro as a video source? If not, is there any way I can get it to recognize the other computer as a video source?

This might be confusing or need further clarification, so if so, let me know.

Thanks very much.

If you want to capture a keynote/powerpoint presentation from your MacBook Pro you can use the Epiphan VGA2USB adapter listed in the Video Input section of our equipment page here:

Thanks much.

Hi Achim! I need to capture SD-SDI camera input with Boinx Studio and provide SD-SDI output to the external encoding device. I also need to capture the score board and the official running time from a laptop PC. (This is for a sport event.)
What is the recomended equipment for this task?

  • Windows or Mac?
  • SDI capture and output cards?
  • Capture device for the scoreboard from the laptop pc?


Hi cseti68,

  • BoinxTV runs only on a Mac
  • you will need a SDI capture card for video in. On the output I recommend a HDMI-to-SDI converter because BoinxTV works best with the native graphics cards.
  • For capturing the laptop screen I recommend the VGA2USB converter by Epiphan.

Links can be found on our equipment page:

BTW: I don’t know what the screen of the Laptop Time Application looks like, but maybe it has large areas of the same color, then you will be able to filter this image by the chroma key filter in BoinxTV which generates a transparent background and have it as an overlay form your video.