Rebooting PartySnapper as PhotoWall+ on Apple TV

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           <p>When Apple announced the new Apple TV, we got very excited. This would be the perfect platform for PartySnapper, the social photo wall app we\\'d devel ...</p>
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Hi Oliver, I think you hit the jackpot with this App. I downloaded it last night and it is a neat application for Apple TV. Clean interface clear usage. Success.

Hi Oliver,
I would love to get PhotoWall, especially at the intro price, but unfortunately, my AppleTV is under the Christmas tree :frowning: Perhaps a one day New Year’s day sale :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if you can re-purpose the partysnapper app somewhat by adding a feature…?

This feature would allow the app, running on an iPad (ideally) to automatically snap pics at user defined random intervals (1 per minute?) in the background and simultaneously display them in a shuffling slide show. So, as the party goes on, the number of pics becomes larger but still randomly display.

The iPad could be set up in a central location (next to dance area?) and would display the ongoing slideshow on itself, and for other guests that have the app installed. It could also stream to an apple TV via airplay for everyone’s enjoyment.

Of course, the photos would all be saved to iCloud account for further uses.

It seems like you guys have the expertise to create such feature enhancement to your app so if you can use the idea its all yours.

Hi Oliver…Is there a way to prevent the photo from flipping from landscape to portrait? Also is there a way to randomly show the pictures that are already there while in hosting mode?

Thanks for the great product.