Real time sports standings

Hello, everyone!
In a couple of months i’m in charge of showing the results and standings of a YMCA soccer-tournament. about 40-50 teams in 3 classes.
Last year I used mimo to screen capture some google spreadsheets and show them on a big screen.
Since google spreadsheets updates in real time, i thought this would be a good solution. And it was ok.

I just wonder if any of you have a better solution or experince with something like this?
I know there are some plugins in mimo for sports events like “table” and “basketball score keeper”, but the results are coming from another computer. And I can’t type in every result.
Maybe there is a online solution, rss option or something?

@“Daniel Tveit” We’ll contact you by email.

If you’ve the two computers on the same network, you can use xml/rss importer or make your own layer, with Network Sneder / receiver or using nginx etc…

You’ve couples of solutions, not very easy but I’m pretty sure it’s possible to do :wink:

I have asked MANY times for a MimoLive scoreboard that can read from XML files and so I wish you luck getting one. If such a thing did exist you could save the XML files to a shared location from the one computer, and have mimoLive display the results by reading from the shared location!

FYI Xsplit’s Text renderer can do this.

@chrisis Do you have graphic example of what you want ?

Because the bascetball scroe keeper read the scores from an xml, but I’m pretty sure you already know that, and I believe it’s possible to do what you want :wink:

(May be we need to create a subject on the extensions with Qurtz Composer section ?)

The basket ball score layer isn’t nearly as configurable as it needs to be. You just can’t make it look good for the type of production I do. A typical scoreboard I use requires a minimum of 3 text layers and in most cases more.

Here is an example that required FIVE layers to achieve the animation and have just 2 team names and their scores:

  • 1 layer for background animation
  • 1 layer for each team name
  • 1 layer for each score count

Animation has to be on its own layer because “text delay” field doesn’t just delay the text it delays the appearance of the background animation too :joy:

Plus a typical match that I broadcast includes a Team vs Team title to start. So now I have to input the team names in the scoreboard layers and in the team vs team title. If I want to have a “TEAM A WINS!” screen, I have to enter the team name again. For esports, there are lobbies that often reflect the team name, oh look I have to enter the team names yet again.

If all text inputs could read from xml I could have a single input of each team and then all layers refering to the teams would update.

And you want one layer that make everything ? Or you don’t care about the number of layers and just want they are linked to the same xml ?

I’m not a pro with QC but this seems to be realizable

Yeh I don’t mind using multiple layers to achieve things, the point is that many of the layers display the exact same information repeatedly, just in different formats, so it would be useful to change the information once rather than change it on every layer that displays the information.

Ok I see what you want, we’ll try something and come back to you if I succeed :wink:

Oh and actually you can do something on Mimo : add 2 Text Sources, and bring them to a Placer, adding a background image, but yes, this is not really sexy and a little bit boring ^^