Random Flipping of virtual camera and memory leak?

Hi Guys, did someone ever experienced
random vertical flipping of virtual camera output on mimolive?
It looks like (expecially when the system is under heavy load)
the virtual camera start to vertical flip with no reason. Actually i don’t know if it’s the virtual camera
or if the virtual camera does its job correctly and it’s the whole output that goes crazy.
And since then, mimolive start to go slower and slower, i was having mp3 in background that started to skip here and there and so on.
I don’t know if this can help.
Thank you,

Hi @bandian I’ve never heard of that and I can’t think of any way this should be possible. Can you send me a video that shows this? I’ll have to run it by engineering and they will say “That’s impossible!” :wink:

What do you feed the virtual camera into?