RAID Configuration, 2nd camera recommendation, BoinxTV --> Final Cut Pro Questions

I’m designing a DIY video production studio to produce guitar instruction videos, and am hoping to use BoinxTV to record multiple camera angles, with at least one recording in HD, straight to disk to cut down on editing time. I was hoping you could help me choose the right hardware. I searched the forum but couldn’t find answers.

  1. I’m considering buying the Mac Pro setup you describe. You recommend a RAID card with three 1TB hard drives, but not which RAID configuration to use. What RAID configuration do you recommend so that I can research it more? I’m a total newb.

  2. I already have a Canon HV30 which I’m planning on using for the main wide shot of me teaching, shooting in HD. I need to buy a second camera for a closeup of my hands playing the guitar. If I find a decent webcam for this purpose, could I use that? This second shot doesn’t need to be in HD. I realize you recommend using identical cameras, but I’m just trying to keep costs down.

  3. Depending on how useful I find BoinxTV’s editing features, I may just use BoinxTV for capture and then import into Final Cut Pro. Is it easy to just capture and then export? Does BoinxTV export to .mov?

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Thanks for your interest in BoinxTV. I am not sure if BoinxTV is the right product for you: If you just want to record multiple camera angles in on shot to get it to FinalCut, there is a much more streamline way to do this. Record every angle in full length and use the multi angle edit functions from FC-X:

Anyways here are some comments on your questions:

  1. You necessarily don’t need a RAID if you just record a single HD camera. This is just about writing speed to disk. BoinxTV is writing a lot data to disk and we need a fast hard drive to get the job done.

  2. A webcam would work, however it may have a poor frame rate when used in HD quality. We recommend using the same device twice because of color matching issues also.

  3. BoinxTV records right into a QuickTime file. However it is recommended to convert it to the proper format after recording. You can setup BoinxTV to convert the recording after each session.

Thanks so much for this response. After doing some more research, I’m convinced that using two identical HV30 cameras is the way to go.

A streamlined workflow is very important to me, so I appreciate your recommendation of just using Final Cut X’s multicam tools. However, I’m hoping that I can use BoinxTV to record both camera’s feeds straight to my hard drive, skipping the time-consuming task of having to capture from my MiniDV cameras in real-time after filming. From what I understand, BoinxTV makes capture to hard drive from multiple cameras possible, and Final Cut X does not.

I’ll have to see whether this workflow makes sense once I buy my computer and second camera, using the BoinxTV trial version.

BoinxTV will only record the one single movie, not the complete footage for each of your cameras. Also you have to push a button to switch between the cameras , I am not sure how this going to work when you are on stage performing your guitar? Maybe you can use QuickTime player and its “Movie Recording” feature to record in two documents to record your video stream right to the disk. I never did this, so I don’t know if this will work.

Please note that you will need to have two separate FireWire busses in order to connect two video cameras to your computer (technical reasons). Usually the computer only has one bus (even there are two ports). You can use extenders to create another bus with 3rd party hardware we listed here in the “Video Input” section:

Wow, OK. In all my research of BoinxTV I hadn’t realized that it wouldn’t record multiple camera streams simultaneously. Thanks for clarifying that.

I have heard of launching two versions of Quicktime as one possible solution to my problem. Not much information out there r.e. how successful this is, though.

And I am aware I’ll need a Firewiree PCI card for two camera inputs.

Thanks so much for this help.