quicktime movie no working

I have two movie clips in this project. One shows up fine and the other is blank. The difference seems to be that the one working shows a thumbnail in the movie folder and timeline but the one not working shows a Q. Quicktime logo, not a thumbnail. Can anyone help with that? (The clip is viewable and works fine on my desktop, just not once I import to Fotomagico)

I had a similar problem today, my movies were mixed in thumbnails and Qicktime logos in the movie folder. I removed the movie folder in FM, rebooted FM, moved the movie folder back again in FM and all Quicktime logos were gone.

@karen: Are both movies from the same source? Do they have the same video codec? If not, which video codec is used for the movie file that doesn’t work?

Achim, I had a strange effect a few times: When I closed and reopend FM some thumbnails on the right side were missing, instead Quicktime logos were visible. After I closed and reopend FM the thumbs were complete again. Another effect happens, I laid down FM in the Dock and worked with Photoshop. After that some thumbs including the title were gone. After closing and reopening FM everything seems to be o.k…
This only happens with .mov and .mp4 film clips, not with pictures.