Quicktime Export 4:3 by 16:9 Movie


Since the latest update my stuff will export with QuickTime export to 4:3. QuickTime has only sound and no picture. It is displayed in green. The Bluray player I have a box with 16:9 ans a 4:3 image. Right to draw long lines as bars. I have setting 1080p24. Now I have chosen AppleTV3 than export. A film with 6 minutes needed there, unfortunately about more than 60 minutes to compress on a iMac Late 2011!!! If the format is 4:3 and there I let you know. I think that it does so. As you exported without loss of quality for 1920x1080px? Is it a bug in the QuickTime export?

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If QuickTime player showing a green display this is ASFAK due to low memory. You are talking about blue ray, are you exporting in high resolutions? Is 4:3 what you want? Did you setup FotoMagico Stage Size to a 4:3 aspect ratio?


at the time where FM has created the film, I had 3GB of free space. When playing well. My Late 2011 iMac has 12GB RAM. I wanted a normal 16:9 slideshow. At the start I selected 1920x1080. Exports over ATV3 works and brings a 16:9 slideshow. Only the QuickTime export is not working properly.

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Can you post a screenshot of your QuickTime Export window? Did you setup the “Compression: Customize…” option? What settings did you choose there?


In my opinion, should have Bluray 1920x1080 24fps or 23.997 fps. Something like that, I tried my settings too.

I tested your settings and it gives me a green display in the result movie too. I get even more odd results if I use the “Apple Intermediate Codec” container with “HDV 1080p” compressor option: The Image is 4:3 ratio having a black bar on the right side. I guess there is some pixel aspect ratio problems with this HDV 1080 format. I suggest to export the show in “Apple Intermediate Codec” with “Others” as the compression option and let the bluray burning software convert the file to the correct video codec.


I use FOTOMAGICO each day ( uptated with 4.6.7 version )
it’s really an excellent software but for the first time
when i want to export( partage in QT (.mov) format
there is a dysfonctionnement , the movie shows before the end on the slideshow
some Pictures ( images) are displayed garbled ( blurry) then the end is good again
The diaporama has only 1 minute length