anyway to easily add a blur to a layer? (other than exporting/importing into photoshop?

Blur is a very GPU intensive operation, thats why we didn’t have it in BoinxTV out of the box. Anyways you can modify layers the way you need them with the QuartzComposer editor by Apple. What do you want to archive?

I had a graphic that I wanted to dynamically blur. I could “PRE-BLUR” it in PS, but then I wouldn’t see it change in real time.

If you want dynamically change this in BoinxTV you could either add a blur filter to the layer you want to use with QuartzComposer, or you could use two Placer layer on top of each other: the lower one contains the sharp image, and the layer above the blurred image (manually blurred with PhotoShop). Now you can fade in the layer above covering the sharp image. It is not a perfect solution, but if you let it fast enough the viewer wouldn’t notice it.