Queue up commercials - Multiple Video's to play back to back?

Ok, so I recently bought BoinxTV for our local Gov’t access TV station, and quite frankly I’m 100% impressed. I had just bought Wirecast a few days before and while they have a great product, I really feel BoinxTV is probably going to end up being my main tool. There are a few things that I can’t quite figure out, so here goes.

HOW ON EARTH do you queue up multiple video’s to play back to back??? It would seem like you could just create a custom placer, call it: “Placer Queue” or something, where everything that is in said placer will simply go from one thing to the next (obeying transitions and bits as set up along the way) until it reaches the last one in the list and then it stops. playing and rolls off of “live”.

I spent the better part of today digging around for this and couldn’t find either a how to on how to do it nor anyone else even remotely interested in this capability.

Am I the only one that needs to rollup commercials??? Heh.

Finally, what would really be a nice little addition is to have the “Placer Queue” item display the collective time of all the video’s in said queue added up and counted down so you could know exactly how long it is until you come out of commercial break.

Thanks for making such an awesome product!

No love? :frowning:

If anyone knows how to do this, some help would be greatly appreciated!


Currently BoinxTV isn’t able to schedule playback of movies or play them in a row. I recommend doing this by chaining them in advance with e.g. QuickTime Player by Apple (you will need to have QuickTime Pro installed, and also QuickTime Player 7). Just drag all your movies into on small “reference” movie and let BoinxTV play this movie back. Also, you can set the “loop” flag for this document in QuickTime Player before saving it, so that BoinxTV plays this movies in a endless loop.