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@wacholderpolka‌ For now, there is no Mac Client planned. We want to focus on adding a couple of new awesome features to the current version. Creating a Mac app takes a lot of time and the amount of user that would prefer a rather cumbersome OS X solution over the simple iOS solution seems very small.

Hi Bastian, thanks for the answer.
When I have a look at the iPhone & iPads around me, I see a lot of devices, that struggle with free space.
I had a hard time, when OTA update to iOS 8 was available.

A good PS party (let’s assume a wedding:-) will easily pile up hundreds of photos, so it may be a good idea to support some kind of external storage like Dropbox, iCloud drive, http, ftp…

That would indeed make a Mac version obsolete.

It is just a hint, maybe it is a good idea to see, if people really having this issue when the first version is available in the app store.

The trend goes towards larger devices. If I had too little space on my iPad, I’d be willing to clear a lot of space for my wedding. Cloud storage is not an option since photos get displayed all the time, like this we’d need to push pictures towards the cloud, delete them from the device and pull them again a couple of seconds or minutes later for display.

You are right, would be a lot of traffic over the network.
I will go on with testing the app, I hope it is ok to post some ideas as they come to my mind, even if it makes no sense in the end:-)

Hi Basti,
I was just thinking about using partysnapper on our Weihnachtsfeier, but we haven’t only IOS devices, will or is there an Android pendant available?

There will be when we publish it to the AppStore we also plan to release a camera app to the Google Play Store.

Ok ty

One comment regarding the error message, when no party snapper host can be found:
The sentence “Make sure, a party snapper display is running” led to some confusion when I gave the App to my family members.
What is a party snapper display?
Is it the PS startup screen, or something else.
It took some time for them to figure out, what was meant and how to do it.

Maybe it would be more clear, if there would be a sentence like “Make sure, one device is running as Party Snapper host. Choose “Host A Party” in the PS app”

No big issue, just a comment.

@wacholderpolka‌ Very good point! Thanks!

I have some GUI Issues on my iPhone4S and iPhone6. Screenshots of the glitches are attached.
I have installed the PartySnapper Version 1.0 (10624)

@kerka00‌ Does this happen all the time or is there some procedure to make this happen?

Hi there! Is beta testing still open? I’ve just asked to be in it, any chance I will be able to test at the Christmas party next week? Thanks for any answer! Please let me in…

Sure, sign up here:

Thanks Bastian! Already signed up and eagerly waiting! :wink:

Will process new entries now. So expect your invite momentarily :slight_smile:

Oh boy, I totally forgot, that iTunes Connect (where we need to submit new testers) shut down for the holidays yesterday. That means I am unable to add new testers until after the holidays. :frowning:

Okay, will get ready for the first party of 2015. Thanks for the attention!

When you say “unable to add new testers until after the holidays”, does that mean after New Years?

@dlucks70‌ iTunes connect is back open as of today, so we can add new testers if new one come in. I just added the one from before christmas.

I’ve been trying out your software since November. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I didn’t get a chance to respond before now. When I first used it for a party in early Nov., it was very buggy, and we actually gave up on it because we couldn’t get it to work. But the latest interactions are working much better. I am still getting an http url error sometimes when trying to upload pictures to the host. When that happens, only clearing the photos out will work - reuploading does not work in this case. But it’s nice being able to go into the camera roll and picking a photo to upload - that way, not all is lost. I worry though that if that happens a lot, that party guests will just give up. Also, one suggestion - would love it if the camera worked a bit more like the iOS one - so that at least hitting the volume button would snap a pic like I can do in the Camera app. That’s really convenient - and cuts down on blurry pictures. Thanks for the great work - I look forward to continuing to see how it develops.