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I am just excited you decided to move on with PartySnapper. And that I am getting a chance to test.

Where to report Bugs, also here ?

Yes, please feel free to post bug reports, feature requests and any other comments.

I connected an iPad (4th Gen. with iOS 8.1) and an AppleTV (3rd Gen. with 7.0 ) and started a slideShow. While the slideshow is running i was using the fast app switcher (double home button) leaving partysnapper. After i switched back to partysnapper the stream will continue but is kind of messed up. Pictures coming in from the button and are rotated and the pictures are also not coming in centered. i tried to catch the result in a picture. I guess this is a rare scenario and usually the Host will not be touched during a slideshow.

Thanks for the report. This is exactly why doing a public beta test is a great thing. We might never have caught that…

Getting failed to send image almost all the time:
10 photos taken 2 arrived
resent all, another 1 arrived, but it marked one of the originally sent photos as ‘failed to send’ even though previously received

Host: iPAd Air 1 running iOS8.02
Photos: iPhone 6Plus iOS8.1
WiFi: Both on same network in the same room, also on the network this computer

On the positive side, slideshow works beautifully for images received as does changing the transitions (spring is my favourite, its attention grabbing)
Beacon also works flawlessly!

I was really hoping I could use this at the Halloween Karaoke Party I’m hosting tonight, it’s not looking likely though


Im happy to upgrade ipad air to 8.1 if you think this will help

Also clicked on the photo in the left corner of the app (user not host) and was taken to photos, was able to select any photo from any folder and selected send
sadly it was added to the failed to send queue.

I noticed that from the queue the resend failed instantly, so I cleared the queue but still get same results

Another attempt (failed to send) with ios console log attached. Ignore the guff above the marker, this site wont allow .rtf uploads :frowning:

OK Progress - dont turn on peer-to-peer, this breaks it!
New log without p2p shows that most photo’s made it, but not all - uploading is painfully slow btw!

Mirroring works flawlessly

I think the pricing is wrong, it should be pay and you get unlimited for a mid range price - in my opinion
OK I’ll shut up now, you must be sick of me hijacking this thread

If you only throw one party a year, you should be fine with the lowest tier. So $5 per party seemed reasonable to us (the value of 3 beers, or 1/4 or a beer in Norway). If you throw a lot of parties, $30 seemed like a mid range price to us, since most people don’t even hesitate to pay $30 for a single bottle of , and they buy multiple bottles per party. Let’s say you throw 10 parties a year, you essentially pay $3 per party, and in the second year it’s free.

Fair point

In case you wondered if we actually went for booze prices for the app-pricing: Welcome to Germany :wink:

Speaking my language Bastian £3.15 a pint so we’re getting a deal, haha

So I have been testing all morning, I think the speed issue is my iphone 6P taking huge photo’s, stock and previous photos come across much quicker. I will be testing live at tonights party. If I invite guests through the evening will they get their invites in time?

If Wifi or Peer to peer failes, PartySnapper falls back to Bluetooth, this can take a while for 6plus photos.
Since we have to hand-invite them, probably not. If you get them to us before 6pm german time we can still add them.

Hi, I tested PS, and it works really nice!
I have one suggestion: How about having a MacOS PS Server?
My iPad is short of space all the time:-) and a Mac would be able to store many more Photos, especially when you make a big party.
Is this something, you already have in mind?